The International Museum of Muslim Culturs



Washington Post / Fox News Claim IMMC as "Obama Funded"

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures was surprised to be given a national spotlight on the Washington Post, FOX News and the National Report.

On October 4, 2013 an article was published wherein, IMMC was listed as having received a special contribution from President Barack Obama. The article claimed that, although other federally funded museums were closed because of the government shutdown, IMMC would remain open, because President Obama had stated in a press conference that he was personally funding the museum to keep it open.

This, of course, would be a wonderful thing, if it were true. However, it is not true. This story, however, got even greater fame on Saturday when Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” morning program host Anna Kooiman repeated the National Report storyline about President Obama going into his own pockets to support the Museum. Although Ms. Kooiman has since apologized on Twitter for what she called “flawed research”, this created a news frenzy that has been good for IMMC.

IMMC is not a federally funded institution. And no, we’ve not received any funds, or contribution from President Obama, although we would welcome such contribution. We are an independent non-profit institution that is supported by its membership, city, county and state grants as well as donations from individuals and local businesses.